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If you are looking for a two hose regulator to actually dive with, a US Divers or Voit is the only way to go. The design has been around since the 1940's, and was improved upon until 1975 when production ceased.  They used a minimum of parts, with a proven design that would last a lifetime. Also, more US Divers and Voit regulators were made than any other two hose regulator, so more new-old-stock and used parts are available. I specialize in US Divers and Voit two hose regulators, but I can service some other brands as well.

US Divers DW Mistral Two Hose, 1 Stage Regulator Serial number 11057. Circa 1961.  Rebuilt
with  new hoses, new mouthpiece and  valves and high pressure seat. Excellent label and chrome.
Regulator is one of the better ones you'll find and it breathes great. Ready to use or display. Price $410.00
US Divers Aqua Master Two Hose, 2 Stage Regulator Circa 1972.  Rebuilt with  new hoses, mouthpiece,  hose clamps. duckbill and mouthpiece cages and valves and low pressure seat. .Long yoke  for use with banjo fitting (not included). Regulator is in excellent condition, and is ready to use or display.
Price $425.00

Strean Air    
US Divers DW "Strean Air" Two Hose, One Stage Regulator (SN 64493). Circa 1956, An original regulator new original hoses, duckbill and mouthpiece valves. Label is original and in excellent condition.  Chrome is above average but not perfect. Rebuilt and ready to use. Getting hard to find.  Price $415.00.

US Divers DW Mistrals, DA Aqua-Masters and DA Navy Approved Two Hose Regulators.
I always have these models in stock, complete with hose assemblies, rebuilt and ready to dive. Priced from $350 and up, depending on condition and rarity. Please inquire.

Sportsways Waterlung
Sportsways Waterlung (SN B 005258), single hose regulator, circa late 1950's. This was the first model made by Sportsways. Regulator has corrosion and  has not been serviced but it does work. Sold 'as is'. Price $60.00.

Ordering Information: Because we have to figure shipping individually for different items, most of our site is not automated. Email for specific information on any item. We will quote shipping and provide details on how to order and pay using your credit card, check, or money order. All vintage items sold as is, as described.
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