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Two Hose Regulator Servicing Information

I charge $90.00 labor to overhaul US Divers DA AquaMasters, Royal AquaMasters and single stage Mistrals, Jet Airs and Stream Airs. Early US Divers models (before 1958) two hose regulators run $100.00 for labor as they are harder to work on then later models. Additionally, regulators with excessive corrosion will incur a $10.00 cleaning fee. Parts and return shipping are extra.

Parts typically replaced are:
Duckbill exhaust valve ---------------------------------------------
Black US Divers hoses  --------------------------------------------
One-way mouthpiece valves  ----------------------------------
Low Pressure seat  --------------------------------------------------
Royal AquaMaster/Trieste high pressure Teflon seat
$  3.50

Diaphragms are seldom bad but I do have them should they be needed. I have very few parts for Dacor, Nemrod and Healthways two hose regulators and so I don't like to work on them.

I have rebuilt hundreds of two hose regulators using factory manuals and factory tools. But factory training for two hose regulator rebuilding is no longer available, so for this reason I am an unauthorized repair technician. Most of my customers want their regulators overhauled so they can use them, and all of my customers have reported complete satisfaction with my work.

If you decide to have your regulator rebuilt, please email so that I know it's on the way. IMPORTANT: Please include a print-out of any email communication we have had regarding your regulator rebuild or at least a note of what you want done. Then send it carefully packed and insured to:

Vintage Scuba Supply
287 McMullen Creek Road  (US Mail)
367 Myrtlewood Drive  (UPS or FedEx)
Selma, OR 97538

I usually complete the work within 3-10 days, at which time I would email you back with the total.

Corroded label
1. An unrestored, corroded label.

New! Now Offering U.S. Divers Name Plate Restoration! If your U.S. Divers ID plate is corroded, missing paint or just doesn't look as nice as you'd like, consider having Vintage Scuba Supply restore and repaint it. We do most U.S. Divers labels with the exception of the Royal AquaMaster, which had a "screen printed" design rather than raised letters. We can't replace missing chrome at this time, but we can repaint most labels to like new condition. The price is $30.00 and up depending on the condition.  The repainted label will add more value to your vintage regulator.
Step One: Clean up
2. The same label after clean-up.
The restored label
3. The label is now restored!

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