Vintage Scuba Supply - Dan Barringer, Owner
287 McMullen Creek Road, Selma, OR  97538  USA --  (541)597-4833

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Apply shipping charges as follows:
First pair any style hoses, $8.50, additional $3.00.
First mouthpiece $4.75, additional $1.25
First T-shirt, $6.50, additional $2.00.
First duckbill, $2.25, additional 50 cents.
First pair mouthpiece valves, $2.75, additional 25 cents.
First pair any style clamps, $1.85, additional pair 50 cents.

First pair cages, $2.75, additional pair 50 cents.
First mask, $9.50, two masks, $12.00.

NOTE: No additional shipping charges on duckbills, mouthpiece valves, cages, mouthpieces and/or clamps  when ordered  WITH one or more pairs of hoses.

Please make check or money order payable to:

Dan Barringer
287 McMullen Creek Road
Selma, OR  97538