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US Divers "Mistral" Two Hose, Single Stage Regulator. No serial number circa 1959, A nice example of an early Mistral with new hoses, straight mouthpiece, and a new duckbill and mouthpiece valves. Label and boxes are in excellent and the regulator works. Ready to use or display.
Price $360.00.

U.S. Divers Training Posters from 1975. These measure 24" x 30" and were a dealer only
item, not for sale to the public. Three different ones for sale, the third being a
"K' and "J" Valve poster.  Price $30.00. each.

  US Divers Twin Tank Pack    
   US Divers and Healthways Twin Tank Backpacks. Both in excellent condition.
 US Divers for 72 or 80 cf tanks, HWays for 72's.  Price $95.00 each.

1970's British Aqua-Sub Club Shoulder patches.

Third Class Diver $8.50.

Second Class Diver $12.50.


New UDT Duckfeet fins.  Size xlarge, black.  

Price $120.00 per pair.


1956 USD
#USD56 - Original 1956 U.S. Divers catalog measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches and was the last of this size.  Includes classic items such as triple tanks, re-breathers, camera housings, spear guns, dry suits, two hose regulators and much more.  In excellent condition.  Price $200.00.

  US Divers depth Gauge    
  1980's US Divers Wrist depth Gauge. This analog wrist depth gauge has a 2 1/2 inch face and reads up to 200'.
 It is still sealed in the original plastic and comes in the original box with paperwork.  Price $80.00.


  Princeton Tec    
Princeton Tectonics 260 ft Depth Gauge. This is one of the finest analog depth gauges ever made and they
were used by the US Navy SEAL Team for years. Swiss made with a chrome plated low profile brass housing,
crystal lens, altitude compensating and zero adjustment screws.  Price $95.00.

Voit Repair
#VSMRM - 1970's Service manual for AMF Voit & Swimaster Professional Diving Equipment Repair Manual. Original dealer shop manual in 3 ring binder. Covers the complete overhaul of many of the 1970's Voit regulators including the Trieste, MR12, Titan II, Dolphin and some tank valves. Many fold out, exploded view drawings.   Price $75.00.
62 ScubaPro
#RM-SP62.  1962 Technical manual for ScubaPro Scuba Equipment. This is the first year for Scubapro and all the items in this manual are Healthways as Scubapro had not yet developed their own products. Many of the pages are indentical to the 1962 Healthways manual. Includes basic instructions for use and maintenance of all Healthways scuba equipment.  31 page xerox reproduction, folded and stapled just like the original. Includes single  hose repair with  trouble shooting and exploded view drawings.  Price $17.00.
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